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Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster
by Nina Harrington
Published by Harlequin UK
231 pages
Genre: chick lit
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5

What you have here is a cute story with characters you’ll enjoy, spoiled by a “what in the world?” sex scene.

Bunty Brannigan inherited her parents’ deli and is determined to make it successful, despite having been disowned by her mother’s successful Italian family, they of the Caruso cookbooks and pastas. Bunty ghost writes her cousin’s cookbooks, helping generate even more money for the Caruso coffers. When she turns thirty, she is awarded a secret inheritance, one that throws the Carusos and Brannigan’s Deli into disarray. Fortunately, there is an attractive Italian lawyer to help her adjust to her new surroundings.

So a cute premise. Bunty has the requisite merry band of friends to support her, and Fabio Rossi turns out to be a comely solicitor who truly solicits. Ba dum dum.

The problem is that there is a sort of sex scene that proves to be a head scratcher. It is completely unnecessary and serves to do nothing other than throw the story off its stride. Yeah, I know. Me? Complain about a gratuitous sex scene? I am all astonishment. Well, I am too, but use this as an example of the nearing apocalypse. I’m all for rocking the headboard, but this scene is just ill-conceived.

Otherwise, it’s a capable tale and a nice choice for some light summer reading.

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