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Adam’s Boys

Adam’s Boys
by Anna Clifton
Published by Harlequin Australia
157 pages
Genre: romance; chick lit
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
2.5 / 5

Okay, so. This book. It’s cute, it’s entertaining, it’s sweet. But it’s missing something, perhaps a couple of somethings.

Abbie and Adam had a three-week fling four years ago, fresh on the heels of the death from cancer of Adam’s beloved wife. Adam credits his time with Abbie for giving him the emotional strength he needed to return home to England from Australia and be a father to his new son.

But now, four years later, it appears that Adam has more than one son. When Adam and his older boy return to Australia, he is in for a bit of a shocker: Abbie is his baby mama, and they share a son.

This being a romance novel, you know that nothing will be resolved quickly. Our happy couple has to deal with Issues in their lives, both involving their respective families. And that’s not all. Adam is irked that Abbie kept his second son a secret, and Abbie is hurt that Adam didn’t return to her as he promised.

So with all of this drama, why isn’t there more tension? It’s as if the outcome is a given from the first page, and all the words in between are just words.

That isn’t to say that this is not a sweet little book. It is. Abbie and Adam are enjoyable – Adam more so, because Abbie does some dumb stuff – and the little boys are adorable. Perhaps it’s the slim length of the story; maybe that’s why it feels so slight. I’m not sure. But just when the conflict and drama would start to get interesting, it would get resolved.

And don’t go looking for hot sexy times, because there is not one bit to be found. None. Nada.

Maybe that’s the problem? Maybe what heat is lacking in the story could have been made up for with some headboard rockin’?

This is a good choice for those of you who prefer your romance chaste, clean, and nice.

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