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Storm Bound

Storm Bound (A Cabin Fever Novella)
by Alice Gaines
Published by Avon Red
Available August 14
224 pages
Available for pre-order on
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.
4 / 5 cupcakes

Let me tell you: Alice Gaines can write about sexy times. A previous novella, Heat Rises, another in the Cabin Bound series, was scorching hot. This one, Storm Bound, makes Heat Rises look like kiddie lit.

Much like Heat Rises, the whole point of this fabulous little nugget is S-E-X. In this case, the hot lovin’ is a mènage á trois, M/F/M styles.

The “plot” that gets us to the sex focuses on a swanky resort at a tropical island. Christie Lovejoy (oh, the names – wait till we get to one of the men) looks at the resort as her “baby,” and she hopes that business partners – ready for it? – Wolf (!!!!!) and Jon will invest in the resort. When a hurricane bears down on the island, Christie makes sure everyone safely evacuates, except for Wolf (!!!!!) and Jon, with whom she hopes to get better acquainted. (wink wink)

Well, our boys are nothing if not up for this challenge, so they set out to help Christie keep her mind off of the hurricane. They have some hot – and I do mean HOT – sex. And in such locations! The hotel kitchen. The hotel workout gym. The beach. Christie discovers that two is better than one, and she revels in every touch, bite and thrust.

And then the rescue ferry arrives, and our story comes to its inevitable conclusion. Sadly, Alice Gaines tries to slap a happy face on the end, which is totally unnecessary. It would have been fine for the three to say their goodbyes and have the solace of their memories.

But that’s a minor quibble. You read these things for the sex, and Alice Gaines is more than happy to provide you with some hot headboard rocking.

Quick, hot and fun. That’s the essence of Storm Bound.

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