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Reading Romances Challenge

I’m late to the party with this one, but I’m always up for a challenge. Join me, along with a plethora of other fun bloggers, in reading about romance.

So come along and have some fun and join the romance jamboree. 

This month, I plan to read some more Kristan Higgins (I’ve got Somebody to Love, Just one of the Guys and Too Good to be True on the pile), along with Welcome to Carson Springs by Eileen Grudge, who wrote The Replacement Wife, a book I can’t let go of to save my shallow soul.  Also on tap: Yesterday’s News by Kajsa Ingemarsson, Torn, by Stephanie Guerra, and Shades of Murder by Lauren Carr.

This month’s challenge topics are:

1) Read a book that has a reference to a fairytale, either title, character or plot.
2) Read a book that has an athlete as a character or has a sports-themed plot
3) Read a Stand-Alone book.
4) Read a book that has Wedding, Marriage, Proposal, Bride, Groom or Engagement in the title or has a Wedding theme cover.
5) Read an m/m romance book or a book that has at least one prominent gay or lesbian character.
6) Royalty theme: Read a book that has the words King, Queen, Lord, Earl, Duke, or any other royal title.
7) Repeat Day (June3) Read a book where the first letter repeats for both an author’s first and last name. (Ex. Lora Leigh, Amanda Ashley, Beverly Barton, etc)

I’m going to have to think about those and find some books in my NetGalley queue that fulfill the themes and topics. I’m sure I’ve got some Duke-themed bodice rippers and weddings. But an athlete? For the m/m romance, I’ve got another one of Ava March’s Brook Street books. 

This will be fun. Any excuse to read more romance, right, faithful readers?

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