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Kiss the Bride

Kiss the Bride
by Jody Wallace
Published by Entangled: Ever After
115 pages
Genre: chick lit
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5

Did you happen to see the Patrick Dempsey movie called “Made of Honor”? If so, this book will seem a bit familiar. Even so, as far as fun books are concerned, this one fits that bill just fine.

Caroline and Herman Edward Heckley, III, aka “Heck,” have known each other their entire lives, and for those thirty-four years, Caro has loved Heck. But he considers her his BFF and nothing more. A girl can only wait so long, however, and since Caro’s boyfriend asked, she decides she might as well get married, even if it’s to the wrong man. A girl typically asks her bestie to be her maid of honor, though, right? So Caro asks Heck to stand in for her. Naturally, during this process, Heck discovers that he might not want to be just friends.

Yes, it’s completely transparent, but it’s fun and silly and worth the $1.99. Another one of Caro’s friends sees what Caro and Heck won’t admit to each other and conspires to force them to face reality, and that part gives you the meat of the plot. There is a hot – and I mean nice and hot – bit of headboard rockin’, such that you will wonder how any woman with half a brain would settle for being Heck’s friend, unless it’s a friend with benefits. Granted, there are times that either Caro or Heck – or both – is so aggravatingly blind that you might find yourself getting frustrated with their apparent cluelessness.

This is one of those books that knows its place. You will not be asked to confront any of life’s pressing questions, nor will you stay up late trying to figure out what happened (I’m looking at you, Dangerous Girls), but your time with this novella will be worth it, if for no other reason than that sex scene.

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