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One Night that Changes Everything

YI read a lot of Young Adult lit. I say that I read it because I teach high school students and it helps me keep in touch with them, but really, I just enjoy the genre.

One of my most recent YA reads was One Night that Changes Everything, by Lauren Barnholdt. I started this book on the drive to work (my son drove, so let’s dispel the panic that I read while driving. I WISH I could!) and finished it that night, after supper, after dishes, after kid stuff. It’s a fast, breezy read, but so cute. I think I might have gotten a little teary-eyed even, but then again, I am guilty of fully investing myself in just about every book I read.

High school junior Eliza has had her precious journal, in which she writes down all of her fears, and to add to those fears, she is afraid that her ex-boyfriend, Cooper, has it. To get back the journal, she has to perform several of her fears, and Cooper seems to be behind it all. So for one night, she and two of her friends attempt to fulfill the tasks and get back her journal.

Not the most fully-developed characters, and not a story that expects you to ask a lot of deep questions, but One Night that Changes Everything is fun and silly. Silly in a good way, I guess. I added this one to the class library, and I’m sure some of the girls will check it out. I’ll let you know what they say.

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