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A Harlan Coben Two-fer

I am in danger of developing an addiction to Harlan Coben’s mysteries. It started with Deal Breaker, the first in the Myron Bolitar series. I could not put it down, faithful readers. I think I read it in a day.

Recently, I picked up two more Coben books.

The first is another in the Bolitar series, Fade Away. This time, sports agent Myron Bolitar finds himself joining the New Jersey Dragons professional basketball team, despite his advanced age of 32. But alas for Myron, he isn’t signed because of his hardcourt prowess, but rather because the team’s owner needs his help. It turns out that star player Greg Downing has disappeared, and Myron needs to find him. There are plot twists that make sense, a little romance, and a mystery that keeps you turning the pages.


Equally as impressive is Tell No One. This, like The Innocent, is not part of the Myron Bolitar series. This time the focus is on Dr. David Beck, whose wife apparently died eight years ago. But he gets an email that makes him question all that he was led to believe. Again, Harlan Coben sends you on a merry chase, some of which you might see coming. What separates this from lesser mysteries, however, is that even when you think you can predict the twist, you cannot predict how it will play out. Another fun, great read.

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Innocent by Harlan Coben

I first “met” Harlan Coben through Deal Breaker, the first of his Mickey Bolitar series. I really enjoyed that one (Mickey is a sports agent, whose ex-girlfriend comes to him hoping he will help uncover the mystery of her missing sister), so when I saw Innocent in the bookstore, I picked it up.

If you enjoy a good mystery, you will enjoy Innocent. I really like the way Coben writes; it’s entertaining without taking itself too seriously, and the twists are true surprises.

Innocent is about an ex-con named Matt Hunter, who went to jail for killing a boy at a fraternity party. The circumstances of that night unfold throughout the book, because they frame Matt’s personal story. After getting out of jail, he meets Olivia, marries her, and, when the book begins, she is newly pregnant with their first child. But then his cell phone rings, and from that one call, Matt finds his life turned inside out.

Get ready for a ride with this book. There are a lot of characters, and each one comes alive. It’s a fun, gripping read, and you will not want to put the book down until you find out what happened and who was involved.

Run, don’t walk.

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