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Book Blitz: Bounce



Growing up as a young girl, Sabrina Jacobs could only dream her life would be this good. She has a successful career, a famous sexy husband, two children, a house in an affluent Westchester suburb and a shoe collection worthy of a magazine spread. Too bad it’s all a façade.

It has been almost a year since her husband admitted he had an affair with a younger and bouncier co-worker. Follow Sabrina as she tries to rein in her out-of-control life by kicking her husband out on his rear, chucking her career and even firing her too-cute-for-the-job nanny. But how will she survive as a stay-at-home mom in the land of designer clothes, designer kids’ parties and designer babies? Hmm… maybe the hunky young French teacher, who has been flirting shamelessly with Sabrina, is just what she needs to take her mind off her problems. Well, not if her husband has something to say about it. Will Sabrina be able to forgive and still be true to herself?

I give Sean a weak smile and pull him towards me. I kiss him deeply. And I can feel the immediate surprise course though his body. But the surprise doesn’t stop him and it doesn’t take much to get him going. He instantly falls into action, running his large hands up and down my back. Kissing my neck then trailing his tongue down toward my breasts.

I let my mind drift as his mouth wanders. Off to the past. To the time when Sean used to woo me by playing my favorite songs for hours on end. The lyrics talking about being with me until the end of time flow through my memory as Sean continues his languid journey stopping at all the places he knows too well to get just the desired response from me. He kisses and I shift. He licks and I sigh. He strokes and I arch. All the while my body goes from sensation to sensation while my mind is at war going from memory to memory. Pleasure to pain. Opening doors to rooms that I don’t want to see. Images that I’m too afraid to face.

“Baby, where are you?”

I look up. Surprised to see Sean above me. Eyes filled with worry and questions. A part of me wants to close my own eyes and turn away, but I don’t. I face him straight on. “I’m here. Right here.” I give him a smile then angle up to kiss him.


Going deep putting my hand between our bodies and guiding him to my center. H


fills me and I let my eyes close. Shutting one door and opening another. Letting him in fully and completely. Mind on the future.

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Author Biography

A native New Yorker, K.M. Jackson had two dreams for what she wanted to be when she “grew up”: 1. a fashion designer and 2. a writer.

kmjacksonAfter graduating from high school, she pursued her first dream and studied fashion design at New York’s FIT. She then spent ten years designing for various New York houses. But after years of jugging the oh-so-glam world of mid-market fashion along with being a mother of twins, K.M. took the leap of faith and decided to pursue her other long held dream of being a writer.

She currently lives in a suburb of New York with her husband, teen twins, and her precocious terrier named Jack who keeps them keeps her on her toes.

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All He Needs (review and Book Blitz)

All He NeedsAll He Needs (All or Nothing, Part 2)
by C. C. Gibbs
Published by Forever
432 pages
Genre: erotica, women’s literature
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
5 / 5


First, an apology. I wrote this review and scheduled it to be published on the wrong day. I missed the cut-off for the Book Blitz raffle, and for that I apologize.

But my neglect is in no way a reflection of my feelings about this book, because I LOVED IT.

This is the follow-up to All He Wants, and apparently the second of a trilogy. As with its predecessor, one of the things I love about how C.C. Gibbs writes is her dialogue. When Dominic and Kate talk to each other, their conversations are real. They crack with lust, arousal, intrigue, wit, and, occasionally, anger and frustration. And I love reading them.

Having said that, there are a few in this one that were a little difficult to follow. Sometimes I wasn’t always sure what Kate or Dominic was so angry about.

But I digress. Let’s discuss what this book is about.

When we left our happy couple, they had split up. Dominic left Kate (in Hong Kong? I can’t remember), and then she left as well. Who left whom? Well, apparently it matters to the two of them, because they bicker over it.

Kate is back in Boston, working on cyber espionage, and Dominic is mastering the universe, and each of them is trying to forget the other. But that doesn’t happen. It can’t happen. Dominic’s micro-managing knows no bounds, and he is always aware of what Kate is doing and where. When the threat of a Ukranian mafia holds a potential threat, Dominic assigns protection to her. And then he flies to her in Singapore, determined to reconnect.

And by “reconnect,” I mean rock that headboard into next month.

It doesn’t take long for them to be back together, battling verbally and occasionally physically. They challenge each other constantly, with the biggest obstacle their mutual leeriness of a real relationship. Naturally, as soon as they get close, something comes up and attempts to wreck everything.

Yes, I adore Dominic. And I adore Kate. And I want the third book, like, NOW. Although, to be honest, the way this one ends, part of me doesn’t want it to go on. I don’t want more trouble for the two of them.

Still, though, those sexy times. Strap on your vibrators, girls, because you will need a release after reading the sexy times.


All He Needs by C.C. Gibbs (Forever Trade Paperback; 9781455528332; $12.00)

Neither Kate nor Dominic intended for their affair to be more than casual.  The pleasure they found together was supposed to be fleeting, but while neither is willing to admit it-the passion between them is something they both desperately need.  Caught in a tumultuous battle with his emotions, Dominic can’t fight he desires… or stay away from Kate.  And while Kate knows that being with Dominic means giving up some of her long held control, letting go never felt so right.


About the Author

C.C. Gibbs is the pen name of a New York Times bestselling author. She lives in the Midwest, at times in Northern California, is married with three children and considers the life of a writer the best of all possible worlds. Bringing characters to life allows her imagination full rein, while the creative process offers fascinating glimpses into the machinery of the mind. And last but not least, researching anything, but particularly a book like ALL HE DESIRES–thank you Google–is great fun!


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A Q&A unpublished teaser with Dominic Knight

Max Roche, Dominic’s ADC and right hand man, shut the door behind him as he entered Dominic’s Paris office. “The Rolling Stone reporter’s here and she looks as though she’s interested in more than an interview. Short skirt, thigh high boots, make up for a photo shoot and unless I miss my guess, a Brazilian wax job just in case she gets lucky.”

“Great,” Dominic grumbled. “And I have to be polite.”

“If you want that nice puff piece on your new record label acquisition, you do.”  Max smiled faintly. “It’s not as though you haven’t been turning down women since you left Hong Kong. One more–what the hell. You’ve had plenty of practice.”

Dominic lifted one brow. “Keeping track?”

Max shrugged. “How could I not?  You’ve been a fucking monk.”

No way he was going to discuss his personal feelings. Dominic nodded. “Okay, show her—what’s her name?”

“Miss Lacey Milano.”

Dominic’s eyes widened briefly. “Tell me she’s not a stripper.”

“Christ no. Ivy league, wasp family, trust fund.”

“Shit, maybe that’s worse.” Dominic sighed. “But all for a good cause, right?”

“If you want those fine old sound tracks to get out in the world, who better than Rolling Stone for promo.”

“Gotcha. But interrupt me in fifteen minutes with a phone call I have to take. In the meantime I’ll try to keep her on topic.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard. This music is a passion of yours.”

“Damn right.” Dominic nodded. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Max escorted the reporter into Dominic’s office, made introductions, then left, closing the door softly behind him.

It wasn’t as though Dominic hadn’t seen hundreds of women approach him much like Miss Milano. Long-legged stride to show off her legs, small hip swing in invitation, a smile that was offering more than a greeting—and that little flick of her hand to brush her long blonde hair over her shoulder. Seriously. Familiar as hell.

But his voice was bland and his smile polite as he said, “How nice to meet you, Miss Milano. Max tells me you’re one of Rolling Stone’s prominent contributing editors.  I’m honored.” He indicated a black leather chair across the desk from him. “Please make yourself comfortable.”

“The honor’s all mine, Mr. Knight.”

Jesus, was that a wink?  “Dominic, please,” he said, his face expressionless.

“In that case, Dominic, call me Lacey.”  She pronounced his name very, very softly.

Fuck. She didn’t waste any time. “I’m excited about the amazing array of artists we’ll be re-introducing to the world,” Dominic said, staying on topic. “I hope you had a chance to listen to at least some of the tracks.” Dominic’s company had remastered and restored 800 tracks of the pre-1930 defining generation of blues and jazz artists. It was an act of love on Dominic’s part.

“Of course. You needn’t worry, I’ll write an elaborate tribute to both you and the artists you’ve preserved. But I’d rather talk about you and your many, global businesses.” She smiled sweetly. “I’ve done my research.”

“I understand. Ask away.” He never said no, nor did he ever answer definitely. His life wasn’t for public consumption.

“When did you make your first million?”

If he had a dime for every time he’d been asked that question, he could retire. But his voice was mild when he replied. “If you did your research you know I inherited my uncle’s fortune when I was sixteen. But I made my own first million day trading while I was still in high school.”

“Then you bought a small software start up.”

He smiled. “Start ups are practically a way of life in the Bay Area.”

“But everyone doesn’t pick the right ones.”

“I was lucky.”

“So modest.”

He shrugged. “A certain amount of luck is involved in building a large enterprise.  I’ve had my share.”

“I was wondering if your wife was involved in your businesses? From my research, it’s clear that she was a formidable fund raiser for any number of charities. You met on Everest, didn’t you?”

He frowned slightly. “I don’t talk about my private life.”

“Forgive me, but the world at large certainly talks about it.”  She slowly crossed her legs. “You have a reputation that isn’t exclusively about business.”

“Much exaggerated,” Dominic smoothly replied, giving Max points for his Brazilian comment. Miss Milano wasn’t wearing panties. “Rumor and gossip sell magazines and tabloids. I ignore them.”

“Including the two women who filed paternity suits against you? Or was it three?”

Bitch. But his smile couldn’t have been improved on by angels on high. “They all lost in court as you know. My fortune attracts frivolous law suits. There’ll be more.”

“I do apologize.” She dipped her head in deference. “I hope I haven’t angered you. Some men take offense at assertive women.”  She looked at him with wide-eyed innocence. “I’m going to blame my editor for that last question.”

“Don’t worry. I’m hard to offend.” He tapped the back of the hand resting on his desk with his index finger. “Thick skin.”

Oh God, such large lovely hands and long, slender fingers. She took a deep breath.

He could see it coming.

“Would you have time for a drink with me?”

Her words came out in a wild rush.

His smile was instant. “Certainly.”  Dominic rose from his chair. “What would you like?”

“Vodka. Two ice cubes. Your distillery if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” he said, moving toward the drinks table across the room. “You certainly have done your research. That’s a very new acquisition.”

“I’ve read just ‘everything’ about you. You’re a fascinating man.”

“Not really. I just work, sleep, then work some more.”  He knew he’d made a mistake using the word, sleep, because he immediately heard her soft foot fall on the carpet and when next she spoke, she was right behind him.

“Might I request a small portion of your sleep time,” she said, breathy and low, running her hand up his back. “I promise to leave whenever you wish.”

He dropped two ice cubes into her glass, slowly turned, held the glass out to her and smiled, “Why don’t we talk about it over drinks.”

Then Max walked in precisely on time, Dominic relaxed and knew he’d made one less enemy.

“Sorry, Dominic,” Max said. “But Yu Chung is insisting on talking with you. I told him you were busy and he told me to go to hell.”  Max managed to look frazzled, his brow knotted, his mouth twitching. “He’s bitching about some wording on the contract. And apparently only you can change it for him.”

“I’m so sorry, Lacey.” Dominic deliberately used her first name, as though they were friends. “But we’re working on a copper mine venture with the Chinese in Afghanistan and nothing’s going right.” He glanced at Max. “Is it Max? We’ve been fucked from the beginning.”

“You got that right.” Max turned to Lacey, his mouth set in a grim line. “I told Dominic to pull out of the deal, but he won’t.”

Dominic gave her a rueful look. “I do apologize, but I have a few billion at stake here. It’s been a pleasure,” he said, pleasantly, then swung his gaze to Max. “Which conference room?”

“The big screen. You get to see a giant-size Yu Chung turn red.”

Dominic nodded and without another word left his office.

He softly swore as he strode down the hall, swore some more as he took refuge in the conference room and dropped into a chair. What the fuck? Since when did he turn down a piece of ass? One that even might have been a good business decision?

Sliding lower in his chair, he scowled because he knew damned well why he’d turned it down, why he wasn’t sleeping, why he was pissed all the time.

Miss Katherine Hart had totally fucked up his life.


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