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And we’re off …

I love books.

I love them beyond reason, beyond explanation. And to demonstrate my love, I read ALL THE TIME. I read when I’m blow drying my hair (which, if you saw my hair, you might understand, because the care and flatironing of that hair is a process, people). I have a book with me every time I leave the house, just in case I am in a line. I’ll read in the drive-thru, read at long traffic lights, read while waiting for my children. I read during their activities, I read while eating, and I read when I’m in the car (someone else has to be driving – I’m not that stupid).

I love books so much, that nearly 20 years after I graduated from college, I went back to school and got a teaching degree. I wanted to teach high school English, just so I could talk about books.

Books are my favorite gift to give, and my favorite to receive. Yes, even above shoes, and I do love shoes.

So I started this here blog to rave about books and what I’m reading. You will discover that there is no general theme to what I read, because I read everything. Sometimes I’ll go on a cheesy romance novel kick, sometimes I want nonfiction, and sometimes I want young adult lit. If it’s printed and bound, odds are that it will find its way into my clutches.

Please let me know about books you like to read. In my continued efforts to pay’s rent and to keep our local bookseller in business, I always look for new books to purchase and read.


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