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No Mistletoe Required

No Mistletoe Required
by Jeanette Murray
Published by Carina Press
71 pages
Genre: romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5 cupcakes

Yeah. This one. Um … well … it’s cute.


We have Anna, a petite little thing who enjoys volunteering at the hospital, particularly at Christmas time. She is determined that the children there get to visit Santa and have a few minutes of peace outside of their illnesses, so she gathers together sorority girls from the local university to help out. Dan shows up to help out and is drawn to Anna. He finds himself unable to stay away from her. But Anna doesn’t make it easy for him. But unlike Anna, Dan hates Christmas, associating it with the death of his parents.

These two have a push and pull relationship, drawn to each other yet uncomfortable with it. They have to work past their own hang-ups to get close – especially Anna. Not that she doesn’t have a good reason for being reluctant, but still. STILL.

The romance here is cute and sweet, if not occasionally frustrating. Don’t go looking for anything hot, because all you’ll find is hot chocolate. That isn’t to say that this is a bad book. It isn’t. It’s a fun, enjoyable read. It just isn’t terribly compelling. When I put it down, I didn’t miss it. And I enjoy missing a book.

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