Review: Spotlight


by Krista Richmond
Published by The Writer’s Coffee Shop
324 pages
Genre: New Adult, Romance
2.5 / 5

Are you one of those people who reads People? No? But you might, on occasion, check out a lurid headline or two while in the checkout line? Perhaps when you paused when you heard George Clooney (GEORGE CLOONEY!) was getting married?

If so, you are not the reason why Lily became a journalist.

She has no interest in promulgating the culture of celebrity. If she’s going to write about you, it will be because she finds you interesting. She wants to get in your head, get to know you, understand you. So when she has the chance to ask heart throb Daniel Brighton a question at a press conference, no silly fluff ball from her. Instead, she asks something thought provoking and intriguing.

Daniel takes notice, as does his mysteriously hot PR guy, Nate.

And that’s where this book takes a detour from the expected. Daniel doesn’t suddenly see Lily and think he has to have her. Nate does. But as the public relations point person for a rising Hollywood star, Nate is cautious. Is Lily really what she appears to be? And can Lily trust that Nate will trust her?

Naturally, there are obstacles to their love story, most of them relating to Nate. Lily is almost too good to be true, sickeningly so, in fact.  I kept waiting for her to have a flaw of some sort, but if she does, it’s minor. It isn’t that he’s awful, either. In fact, most of the characters are just too … perfect. Daniel immediately senses that Lily is a journalist he can trust? Where does that come from? She’s a JOURNALIST, if nothing else. So she asks one good question in a press conference and he thinks, “Wow! I can tell her my most tightly held secrets”?

And therein lie my issues with this book. It’s entertaining and sweet, but too much of it just does not ring true. Even a fairy tale has believable tension, after all.




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