Review: Four Weddings and a Break Up

4 weddings and a breakup

Four Weddings and a Break Up
by Elyssa Patrick
Published by Aspendown Books
308 pages
Genre: romance; chick lit
3.5 / 5

You know what they say about the best laid plans, right? Think about how many novels have been written using that device.

And yet Four Weddings and a Break Up offers an adorable, sweet, refreshing spin on the oft used twist.

Ginny is a teacher who survived a school shooting. She is tired of being the object of scorn, curiosity, and pity in her small seaside town. She dreams of being a “normal” person but fears that dream will never come true for her. The shooter’s family blames her for the shooting in which he killed himself, and their animus toward her seems to increase by the hour.

While not necessarily looking for love, Ginny wouldn’t mind having someone special. She isn’t sure she is cut out for marriage, largely because the horrors she survived have made her question everything. Heading into a summer packed with weddings, she knows she won’t have that “plus one” that would make things sooo much easier.

Enter Wes Dalton, a gorgeous – and I do stress GORGEOUS – hunk of man whose father lives in town. Wes is a contractor and real estate developer who long ago moved to Las Vegas with his father’s first wife. Whereas Ginny wonders what she lacks when it comes to relationships, Wes wonders about what he has. His father was a cheater, and Wes tells himself that infidelity runs in the gene pool.

These two meet cute. Or hot. Definitely hot. Ginny is looking for a sexual release and finds it in Wes. But of course, nothing in Ginny’s life goes according to plan, and rather than a simple, quick hookup, she’s forced to see Wes over and over again because he’s come to town for a visit.

It turns out, though, that they can help each other out. And by “help” I don’t just mean “you be my plus one and I’ll be yours,” I mean ROCKIN’ THE HEADBOARD type helping.

They have an interlude in the cab of his truck that is …. well, read the book and find out. But strap on your vibrator, because you will need it.

As for the rest of the story, it’s adorable and predictable. Ginny is nearly impossible not to like, and Wes is so hot that you can forgive him just about any transgression. Each of them has a way to go before their relationship can be what they want and need it to be, and given that Ginny has survived a shooting, you know the path will be fraught with Issues.

Still, it’s a fun, hot read, perfect for when your toes are curled up in the sand or dipped in the pool.




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