Catch a Falling Star

catch a falling starCatch a Falling Star
by Kim Culbertson
Published by Scholastic
304 pages
Genre: young adult
3.5  / 5


Location, location, location.

It’s what sells real estate, and it might just be the key to love and romance.

Carter Moon has spent her whole life in Little, California, and if she has it her way, she will continue to do so. She adores her small town and has no intention of leaving, even with college beckoning.

When famous movie star Adam Jakes hits town for a movie production (what sounds like a really awful remake of A Christmas Carol), he’s in need of some image rehab. Who better than local girl Carter to be Adam’s new squeeze?

The fake romance goes according to plan until one – or perhaps both – of the parties starts to fall for the other one. Hijinks ensue.

Like any couple, real or phony, Carter and Adam have to get to know each other. Their initial skepticism begins to erode as they get closer, each of them discovering that there is more to the other than meets the eye. In fact, Adam sees what Carter can’t: she is bigger than Little.

Your senior year of high school is fraught with nerves under the best of circumstances. Will you get accepted by your college of choice? Will you be able to pay for it? What will you study? What will happen with your friends? But Carter’s questions center around one: how can I stay home? She has her reasons, yes, but her fear is foremost. She worries about her family; will they remain cohesive if she leaves? And, of course, she has immense fear of the unknown. Adam sees this, and he tries to encourage her to pursue her life apart from her family.

At the same time, Carter has to deal with her two closest friends, who have started dating. There might be some residual jealousy there, on the parts of at least two of the trifecta. If you maybe perhaps could potentially like your best friend, then do you want to see that person date someone else?

Yes, Carter has quite the To Do list in front of her. Fortunately, she’s an enjoyable character who makes us wish the best for her. Adam, too, is likable. He defies some movie star stereotypes while cementing others. He deserves, as much as Carter, to be happy.

A sweet, adorable story of teenagers trying to figure out who they are and what they want.



Filed under sweet romance, teen lit, YA

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  1. Thanks for the review. This on my list.

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