Flirting with Forever

flirting with foreverFlirting with Forever
by Molly Cannon
Published by Forever
387 pages
Genre: romance, chick lit 
3 / 5


Most of us remember our first love. We can’t help it; it’s as if that person was branded on our brains and in our hearts. Maybe some of us even wish we could reconnect with our first love. Maybe we wish we had the chance for a do-over.

Wedding planner Irene Cornwell may not spend much time wishing she could have another chance with her first love, Theo Jacobsen, nor would she admit it if she did. She’s busy establishing herself in a town that branded her a Black Widow due to her having married a much older man, of whom she is now his widow. She is active in charities, and there is the new business as a wedding planner.

Who has time to ponder life’s what-ifs?

Irene has to confront those, though, when Theo comes back home. He’s been long gone, first in the Army and then as a sort of itinerant pilot and handyman. He’s back because his brother – a client of Irene’s – is getting married.

Theo and Irene each have a different spin on what brought their romance to an end, and they have a lot of bad feelings toward each other. They also have some smoldering, HOT feelings toward each other.

Before you get too excited, no, there is not much hot headboard rockin’ here. There is some, and while it is lovely, it is not wildly graphic, nor is it prolific.

The point is the romance and how Irene and Theo have grown and changed.

This book is, quite simply, a fun, cute romance novel. You can’t help but like Irene and Theo, and you definitely will root for them. If nothing is terribly surprising, so be it.

Fun, cute, sweet. Sometimes that’s just what you want to read.



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