No Way Back

no way backNo Way Back
by Matthew Klein
Published by Pegasus
465 pages
Genre: crime fiction; mystery 
4 / 5


Gird your loins, faithful readers, because this book will take you on a ride the likes of which you have not experienced since, well, a long, long time.

Post-rehab for drugs, booze, and broads, Jimmy Thane is at the end of his tether. He’s been forced to move from the west coast to hot, sweltering, Florida, where he’s been installed as the CEO of a company in deep, deep trouble. Sort of similar to the deep, deep trouble in which Jimmy himself is in.

Jimmy’s marriage is also suffering, and his wife repeatedly tells him not to screw this up. You sense, as much as you are told, that Jimmy is a bad bet as husband material, and you empathize with his wife.

You also empathize with Jimmy, whose desperation to right his flagging ship is palatable. When you screwed up as much as he did, you cling to anything that will help you climb out of the morass, even if it’s a company in dire straits. Adding an extra sense of urgency is the timetable Jimmy has been given: he has seven weeks to weave his magic.

As Jimmy digs in, he receives one disturbing puzzle piece after another. Russian mobsters, a “he who shall not be named” bad guy, weird (and more than slightly suspicious) hypnotists, and creepy neighbors amp up the suspense. To compound a mood fraught with despair and fear, every time Jimmy seems to get close to understanding what brought him to Florida in the first place, someone either dies or Jimmy is told to back off.

This book will take you on a RIDE. There are as many plot twists as there are whipping turns on a roller coaster, and you will be forgiven if you occasionally (or in my case, more than occasionally) are confused by who’s whom.

Matthew Klein is one helluva storyteller. You will not be able to put this down once you start, so consider yourself forewarned.

This is a gripping novel in every sense of the word.

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