Every Part of You

every part of youEvery Part of You
by Megan Smith
Published by St. Martin’s Griffin
256 pages
Genre: erotica 
4 / 5


Before I begin this review, allow me to point out that this book – all 256 pages of it – represents a compilation of five (count ’em, FIVE) novellas, originally published separately. Each one was less than 40 pages long.

The hell?

Am I the only one thinking “money grab” when I see this?

Mad props to St. Martin’s Griffin for DOING THE RIGHT THING and publishing this as it should be: all together, one book, one price.

Now, on to the review.

Most nights when Simone is at work, she can see into the window of a man who works in her building. She is intrigued by this guy – Elliott – largely because he seems to bring in different women on different nights and enjoys sex with them. He also appears to enjoy a little spanky panky.

When Simone engineers a way to meet him, Elliott is not immediately taken with her. But he is intrigued.

The two begin a dance of sorts, a push and pull as they try to determine whether or not they want to – or will – have a relationship.

One thing they know for certain is that they are quite simpatico between the sheets.

Oh, are they EVER.

Strap on your vibrators, girls, because Elliott and Simone are going to rock that headboard right into next month.

The thing with breaking this up into novellas is that it appears to be nothing more than a little plot – just enough – to get you from one sex scene to another. But when you read it in its entirety, you can see character development. Simone and Elliott each have Issues that must be addressed (he more than her), but what they may not necessarily realize is that they can address them more successfully together than apart.

Yes, there are a couple of plot points that sort of evaporate (particularly one involving a Louisiana politician … I’m still not quite sure what was going on there). But Simone and Elliott are a compelling couple, one whose story you will enjoy reading.

Plus, those sex scenes? THOSE DELICIOUS SEX SCENES?


Don’t read the five separate novellas. Read this one, with all five together. Megan Hart can write some erotica, people, and you will enjoy it.




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