Echoes of the Heart

Echoes of the HeartEchoes of the Heart
by Alyssa Montgomery
Published by Harlequin Australia – Escape
154 pages
Genre: Romance; chick lit 
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5


How can two people possibly be more wrong about each other?

Not FOR each other. ABOUT each other.

Amanda and Jake were in love and hot for each other, but then it went horribly wrong, thanks largely to completely misunderstanding each other. They each got married, but now she’s widowed, he’s divorced, and he’s determined to get her out of his mind. To do that, he stalks and somewhat blackmails her into being his courtesan of sorts. One month, and she’ll get paid. Amanda, you see, needs the cash.

It doesn’t take a great leap to know that Jake and Amanda will realize the extent of their misunderstandings, and as convoluted as they get – and believe me, they get convoluted – you can’t help but want our lovebirds happily together.

There is some mild headboard rockin’, and I’m left thinking that this book needed more of that and fewer convolutions of plot.


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