The End of the Innocence (Innocence #3)

end of the innocenceThe End of the Innocence
by Alessandra Torre
Published by the author
Genre: erotica, romance 
Thanks to NetGalley for the copy
4 / 5


All good things must come to an end, and so it is time to bid a fond arrivederci to Brad De Luca.

Pardon me while I doff my nonexistent wig and observe a moment of silence.

Surely by this time – SURELY, faithful readers – you have read Blindfolded Innocence and Masked Innocence, the first two of the trilogy. (Yep. Another trilogy. I’m about to give up that fight, kids.) And sure – SURELY – you are acquainted with Brad De Luca.

If you aren’t, shame on you. Don’t you dare call yourself an erotica fan.

When last we left Brad (le sigh) and Julia, they were newly engaged and celebrated as only Brad knows how to celebrate: by rockin’ that headboard right into the stratosphere.

The engagement was precipitated by Brad’s mafioso family’s death warrant for Julia, but it isn’t as if Brad doesn’t want to marry her. He does. He loves her. They connect on a level he hasn’t enjoyed with his previous liaisons (including an ex-wife), and Julia challenges him, adores him, and loves him. Sure, there is the tried and true erotica age differential, but I can forgive it this time because it’s BRAD DE LUCA.


Brad and Julia find themselves navigating more domestic terrain in Book 3. They have to tell her family about their engagement, and then there is the niggling little detail about Brad’s. Does Daddy De Luca still want to off Julia?

Fortunately, the headboard rockin’ remains scorching hot. Brad and Julia’s forays into threesomes continues, and their couple sexy times are fabulous as well. The plot … well, it’s flimsy, as has been the case throughout the series. But who cares? It’s BRAD DE LUCA! Plot? Take me straight to the bedroom. Or the massage table. Or the back room at the bar.

Take me anywhere Brad is getting naked.

Torre includes a note at the end regarding Brad and Julia’s “happily ever after.” I thought the ending as-is works well and fits the story, but Torre realizes that some readers will want more closure. She includes a link to an additional scene that you can read online.

As much as I will miss Brad, it’s time to send him off. Torre is smart. She knows that it’s better to leave us wistfully sighing over her hero rather than wear out his welcome.

I enjoyed this series. It’s been a pleasure to read about two people who embrace their idea of – and need for – pleasure, especially such a delightfully deviant sort of pleasure.


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