Turn Up the Heat (A Pine Mountain Novel)

turn up the heatTurn Up the Heat
by Kimberly Kincaid
Published by Kensington
Genre: chick lit, romance 
352 pages
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5


Poor Bellamy Blake.

First her news anchor boyfriend dumps her when he accepts a job in San Diego while planning to leave her behind in Philadelphia, and then her Miata breaks down on a snowy drive to a spa vacation.

Lucky Bellamy Blake.

That broken Miata lands her in the repair shop – and arms – Hottie McHot Hot car repair whiz Shane Griffin.

Let’s just say that you know pretty much everything there is to know. Our lovebirds will fight their attraction for each other, come together, get torn apart, and then … well, you know how it will end.

The thing is, this is a fun read, even for all of its predictability. Bellamy is likable. She’s feisty and insecure and lovable. She recognizes Shane for more than he sees in himself, which makes me like her even more. For his part, Shane wants Bellamy to be who she wants to be and not whom others peg her as, which makes him pretty darn awesome too.

Then there is the headboard rockin’. While not terribly explicit, those scenes are nicely written, and they will make you appreciate Shane even more. These two can melt the snow, let’s just say.

What you have here is a Cute Romance with some Hot Headboard Rockin’. Enjoyable characters, fun story, good sexy times. You’ll like it.


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