Waking Up Pregnant

waking up pregnantWaking Up Pregnant
by Mira Lynn Kelly
Published by Harlequin
224 pages
Genre: chick lit 
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
2 / 5


Yeah, that title. I mean … what in the world.

So I guess you figured out that someone in this book wakes up pregnant. Only it turns out that while that may be true, the real “wake up” here is more emotional than physical.

Darcy is a cocktail waitress on her last night of work in Vegas when she meets Jeff, a gorgeous businessman there for a weekend of fun with his best buddy. The two spend the night together, and one busted condom later, someone wakes up pregnant.

Darcy tracks down Jeff (we never find out how she did this, which is somewhat curious because I’m not sure how much information these two disclosed about their personal lives prior to hitting the sheets) to tell him the good news, and before she can say, “Hey, Daddy!”, Jeff moves her into his mother’s spacious LA home under the auspices of “helping” her.

The thing is, Jeff hasn’t forgotten those precious moments of nekkid joy with Darcy, and he doesn’t appear to be upset in the least that she is expecting their child. In fact, he all but does jumpy claps upon hearing the news.

For her part, Darcy is less than thrilled to cede control over any aspect of her life, but she goes along with Jeff’s plan.

You can write the rest yourself, I’m sure.

While there is a silly and extremely predictable plot, there is also some hot headboard rockin’, and that’s what saves this otherwise forgettable tome. Not graphic, but the detail is nice. Very nice. The sexy times are hot, girls, and for that reason it’s worth the $1.99 to get this on your Kindle.

Forget the plot. Read it for the sex.


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