Masked Innocence

masked innocenceMasked Innocence
by Alessandra Torre
Published by Harlequin
304 pages
Genre: erotica 
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5

For all of you erotica fans out there who have not discovered Alessandra Torre, consider this a hint: GO DISCOVER HER NOW.

Torre can write some sexy times, faithful readers. Yes, yes, she can.

This is the follow-up to Blindfolded Innocencein which we first met Julia Campbell and (le swoon) Brad De Luca.

Julia is a young (yeah, yeah, they are always young) college co-ed intent on pursuing a law degree, and Brad is a divorce attorney (so, you know, he’s OLDER and he’s RICH, which of course are two things you NEVER see in an erotica hero …) in the firm where she interns, and the two have embarked on what you might call an untraditional romance.

Now that Julia has accepted that Brad enjoys – he NEEDS – to share her and share himself, they can pursue their kink together. There is only one episode of that in this book, but it’s ever present. Whereas the first installment focused on Brad and Julia coming together, this one is focused on them staying together. Can they? Will they?

Whatever happens, it won’t be easy.

For one thing, there is the age gap. Brad has been married, and as a man in his late thirties, he knows himself. He knows what he needs, he knows what he can’t accept in a relationship, and he also knows that he does not want to be alone. Still, though, there are some aspects on which he cannot – will not – compromise. Julia, though, is only twenty-one. What does she know? She was engaged for two years, but she didn’t even know she could orgasm, much less how to have one. What does she know of a relationship that entails occasional threesomes or swapping?

One thing she does know is that she loves Brad De Luca. She also knows that loving him could be a huge mistake.

Into this emotional angst comes a subplot that seems a bit odd considering Torre doesn’t seem like a crime writer, but it turns out to be a decent plot manipulation. A murder occurs, and Julia’s life becomes at risk. Brad must save her, and in doing so, he has to face his feelings for her.

But that’s all plot. It’s fine, it serves its purpose, and Torre does not write in a way that makes me want to strangle Julia. In fact, I rather like her. She’s feisty and hard headed, but she loves Brad. Yes, she knows this romance will be bumpy at best, but he’s worth it.

However solid the story and characterization are, the sexy times are delicious. Strap on your vibrators, girls, because Brad can rock that headboard straight beyond the ozone layer, and he does. As often as possible.

Bless him.

Torre’s sex scenes are more than just two people’s naughty bits connecting. They’re also part of the learning process between Brad and Julia. Yes, that sounds a bit much, but it’s true. In one interlude, Julia looks back at Brad and nods in acceptance and encouragement, letting him know that she not only enjoys what he’s doing to her, but she wants it. She has her jealous moments; she does not relish seeing him attracted to another woman, nor is she keen on watching him pursue one. Brad, though, is considerate of her fears and includes her in every move he makes. He’s all about sharing physically, but the intimacy that counts – the emotional sort – he reserves for Julia.

I like Torre’s books. I enjoy how she writes, I enjoy her characters, her stories, and those sex scenes.

And Brad. I like Brad.


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