Come a Little Bit Closer: The Sullivans

come a little bit closerCome a Little Bit Closer: The Sullivans
by Bella Andre
Published by Harlequin MIRA
384 pages
Genre: romance; chick lit
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3.5 / 5


This is the seventh in Andre’s Sullivans series (I think there are twelve books altogether), and the second that I’ve read. It’s a delightful, sweet romance novel.

Smith Sullivan is the actor in the bunch, and while working on a film he is writing, producing, directing, and starring in, he meets Valentina, the sister and sort of companion and overseer of Smith’s co-star, Tatiana. Despite her business-like skirts and locked down demeanor, Smith senses that a vixen lies beneath.

When he gets the chance to find out, he makes the most of it, and before Valentina has a chance to object, the two are snogging and shagging their way through filming. But Valentina has concerns. She has watched her mother pursue young actors for the past decade, and she has seen on-set romances flame and burn out. She wants nothing to do with an actor, even one as hot as Smith.

Obviously, these two will get together. Smith’s patience and dedication with Valentina is admirable, although I will say that she’s not a bland heroine by any means. We can understand her reluctance to get involved with a man of Smith’s fame, although that part of the story is somewhat downplayed. The couple have one or two encounters with the paparazzi, not nearly as many as you would expect, and those are somewhat tame.

The sexy times are hot and yummy. Smith is all about some headboard rockin’, and for that we salute him. While not explicit in an Alessandra Torre sense, the headboard rocking is detailed enough that you might just have to strap on a vibrator.

Alas, there are some issues here. Too much of the book is spent in Smith’s and Valentina’s heads. It’s as if Andre knows that her basis for Valentina’s fears is a bit flimsy, so she keeps taking us into Valentina’s thoughts, hoping that she can sell us on the roadblock in the relationship. The same with Smith. For a man who’s had years of flings but no romantic entanglements, we would wonder why he was so drawn to Valentina. Trust me, he will make that VERY clear. And in case you don’t get it the first or fifth time, Andre will take you into his head again, just to make certain.

Still, though, I enjoy the way she writes. Sometimes a happy romance with some hot headboard rockin’ is good for what ails you.


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