Take a Chance on Me (A Something New Novel)

take a chance on meTake a Chance on Me (A Something New Novel)
by Jennifer Dawson
Published by Kensington Books
372 pages
Genre: romance; chick lit 
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5


Maddie Donovan was supposed to have the perfect day. It’s her wedding day, after all, and she’s marrying her childhood sweetheart, a man she’s been with since she was fifteen – nearly half her life. But instead of walking down the aisle, she climbs out of a window and takes off.

Mitch Riley is tending the bar he (reluctantly) owns when the runaway bride comes through the door. Three shots of whisky later, she realizes she has nowhere to go and no money to go there with, so she agrees to stay with Mitch for the night.

These two want each other, like, NOW, but of course that will have to wait. First, they need to get to know each other. Catholic schoolgirl Maddie confesses to all manner of minor sins, including never really loving her fiance quite like she knew she should, and she also divulges her deep seated grief over her father’s death. Somewhat to his surprise, Mitch opens up as well, copping to a pattern of flings with married women.

Through various plot points, Maddie has to stay with Mitch for a few days, during which they get to know each other even better. And by that, you know I mean some hot headboard rockin’ occurs. Mitch admitted that he was deflowered at twelve by the family maid, who taught him all about pleasing a woman. It’s a good thing for Maddie – and us – that he had an excellent tutor. You might want to strap on those vibrators, girls, because the headboard rockin’ here scorches.

(My only complaint is a brief nod to Christian Grey and the spanky panky. Either commit or don’t do it.)

We know our crazy lovebirds are meant to be, but they need a little more time to figure that out. Along the way come different forms of family intrigue, and more sexy times.

This is a cute, hot romance, with a hero and heroine you will enjoy getting to know.


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