Blog Tour: Rome: A Marked Men Novel

by Jay Crownover
Published by William Morrow
384 pages
Thanks to the publisher for the preview
Genre: New Adult, romance
3.5 / 5

Do you like your men big, strong, and a bit imposing? Do you like them rough? Maybe a little damaged?

If so, you, my friend, need a Rome Archer in your life.

Yes, Rome is his name, and, no, it is not the quirkiest name in this book. That might belong to his brother, Rule, or their friend Jet.

One thing Rome is, though, is need of salvation. Not necessarily of the religious kind, but more of the post traumatic kind. Rome, you see, is freshly home from several years in Afghanistan, and as the lone survivor of a bombing, his survivor’s guilt is nearly unbearable.

It’s a good thing Cora is up for a challenge. As tiny and sparkly as he is big and gloomy, Cora works in the tattoo parlor co-managed by Rule. Shortly after meeting Rome, she launches some of her snark and sarcasm, and he finds his interest piqued. Cora, though, is interested in Mr. Perfect. She’s struggling to get over a crushing heartache, and Rome, with all of his issues, is not at all her idea of perfection.

Until he takes his clothes off, that is.

These two attempt to heal themselves through the melding of their naughty bits, as well as some conversations and cuddling. But their road to true love will not be an easy one to trod. Rome has terrible nightmares, while Cora approaches romance with a healthy dose of skepticism. Their friends are equally as suspicious, and Fate appears to prefer toying with them to getting out of their way.

Cora and Rome are adorable, independently and together. She is spunky and feisty, exactly what Rome needs. He tenderly calls her Tink (after Tinkerbell … she really is a tiny thing), and she calls him “Big Guy” or “Captain No Fun.”

For all of their differences, they are copacetic when it comes to rocking the headboard. Rome is almost surprised at how great their first night together is, but he knows that coming together as a couple will be fraught with difficulty.

Another similarity they share is a somewhat fractious family life. Rome is the oldest of three brothers, one of whom has died, and when he feels that he can’t shoulder the burden, he reacts by withdrawing. Cora deals with her family in a similar way. Her mother abandoned her, and she moved out of her Naval admiral father’s home as soon as she could, largely because she wants stability. But can she find stability with a man suffering as much as Rome?

The story here is good, which is all due to Rome and Cora. You will enjoy their narratives and will cheer them on. You also will enjoy their sexy times. Rome. Oh, girls. ROME. Remember, she’s really tiny, and he is NOT. When Cora gets a little nervous about the size differential (yes, THAT size differential), it’s difficult not to chuckle out loud.

This is a cute book. It may not last with you for a long time, but you will enjoy it while you’re reading Jay Crownoverit.

For more information about Jay Crownover, check out her blog and follow her on Facebook.

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3 responses to “Blog Tour: Rome: A Marked Men Novel

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  2. I think I’ll keep a fan handy while I read to attempt to cool me down because this sounds HOT HOT HOT!

    Thanks for being on the tour. I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.

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