Blindfolded Innocence

blindfolded innocenceBlindfolded Innocence
by Alessandra Torre
Published by Harlequin HQN
304 pages
Genre: erotica; New Adult
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5

One of the things I enjoy about Alessandra Torre’s writing is that she doesn’t just deliver hot, hard headboard rockin’, she also challenges the way you think about sex.

In Sex, Love, Repeat, her heroine vigorously embraced sex with two men, one of whom she loved, the other of whom she enjoyed. (wink wink) In Blindfolded Innocence, she continues with her “sharing” theme, this time asking you to consider how willing you would be to allow your partner to watch while you partake in sexy times with someone else (or several someone elses at the same time).

Julia is a college student preparing to apply to law school. (Again the girl is young – they are ALWAYS YOUNG in erotica.) She lands an internship at a big time law firm, where she winds up working for a somewhat dull but extremely driven attorney. While she slaves fifteen hours a day, she hears nothing but fun times coming from the wing housing Brad De Luca, resident rogue divorce lawyer. When Julia actually meets Brad, he almost literally takes her breath away. Older (OF COURSE HE IS because men in erotica novels are ALWAYS OLDER AND RICHER) and considerably more experienced, Brad is intrigued by Julia.

He makes sure their paths cross, and he asks her to join him on a weekend jaunt to Vegas. He doesn’t want to be alone, and Julia – ever perceptive, because these young girls in erotica novels are always Wise Souls – senses that Brad is secretly lonely, despite all of the sex he has. Despite her wariness, she joins him in Vegas.

Fortunately for us, what happens in Vegas does not stay there because Alessandra Torre shares all of the fun stuff. Brad and Julia get “close,” but … well. There is ALWAYS A “BUT” IN EROTICA, and it tends to relate to the man’s ISSUES.

So Brad and Julia have some things to discuss, namely his enjoyment in watching.


At least that’s different, non? He’s into something potentially kinkier than spanky panky.

The problem is, though, that Julia may not be. So what will our happy couple do? And will you care?

Yes, I think you will. Brad is fun. As in FUN. He knows how to please a woman (and he should, because he’s been with nearly 200 of them). Can you blame him for wanting to share his talents? I mean, really.

His talents are indeed prodigious. Strap on your vibrators, girls, because this one is hot. Brad has Needs, and you will enjoy reading about his pursuit of satisfying those Needs.

Bless him.

Oh, yeah, Julia. She’s not nearly as annoying as most erotica heroines. She’s feisty, and she doesn’t seem as vapid as her genre sisters. I liked her much more than I thought I would, although not as much as I like Brad.

I’m looking forward to the next installment in the series, even though I am so over erotica series. But for Brad De Luca, I will make an exception.



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