Three Minutes to Happiness (The Logan Series, Book 2)

3 minutes to happinessThree Minutes to Happiness (The Logan Series Book 2)
by Sally Clements
Published by Sally Clements
170 pages
Genre: romance, chick lit 
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5


This breezy little romance is high on cuteness, if not a bit low on substance.

Photographer Val is divorced and not really looking for romance, but nonetheless agrees to join her friend at a speed dating get together. Only one man intrigues her enough to click the “yes” box, and that’s architect Finn Logan. He checks the “yes” box for her, but never calls her.

They meet again, this time when Val photograph’s a wedding that Finn attends. And this time, Finn won’t let her go, even if letting women go is an art he enjoys practicing. Finn is all about no strings being attached, and he believes that anything with Val will require attachments. But he’s attracted to her, much to his shock, and willing to be a one woman man.

But Val might not be so amenable. She is not one to believe in fairy tales, and she isn’t so sure she wants to risk her heart with Finn.

Val and Finn are cute and entertaining. Their reluctances to commit to each other are realistic, but dispensed with with remarkable alacrity. In fact, that is the central problem with this book: there is no tension. Every obstacle is easily surmounted, and it ultimately rings false and a bit unsatisfactory.

Oh, the sexy times are nice. Finn and Val enjoy some hot headboard rockin’, and those scenes are fun to read.

The rest is fine, but don’t expect much else.


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