Impasse (L.A. Nights Book 2)

ImpasseImpasse (L.A. Nights Book 2)
by Sylvie Fox
Published by Penner Media
311 pages
Genre: chick lit; romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
2 / 5


Holly has had a rough year or two. Her marriage, never the most fabulous, ended, and she withdrew to the comforts of her best friend and some ice cream. But enough is enough, and Holly is ready to get back into the dating swing of things.

There are two Must-Haves on her list are a man who wants marriage and children, and he has to own a couch. (Yeah, I know. But that’s the least of the problems here.)

Nick Andreis has loved Holly for years, and he can’t believe her idiot ex-husband divorced her. When he senses an opening, he’s there. And he wants marriage! And kids!

But he doesn’t own a couch!

And here is where you want to strangle Holly.

She has all these Ideas, and the only thing Nick lacks (aside from the couch) is age: he’s younger than she is, and she thinks she knows what he wants. What she doesn’t do is listen to him or take him seriously. You start to wonder why Nick hangs in there.

But hang in there he does, bless him, and he is determined to get Holly to see him as not just dating material or sexy times material (which, seriously, he is SEXY TIMES MATERIAL, people), but as marriage and father material.

There are a few little twists and turns, but for the most part, Holly is so frustrating that she’s difficult to root for. She has what she wants, right in front of her. Nick is gorgeous. He’s a family man. He wants marriage. He wants kids. And yet …

For his part, Nick also contradicts himself. He wants kids until he actually has to think about having them. Then he backtracks.

Maybe he and Holly really are made for each other after all.

There isn’t much to recommend in this book, aside from a quirky and colorful supporting cast. The rest is just too frustrating. It’s almost as if Sylvia Fox couldn’t decide what she wanted her characters to think and feel.


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