His Absolute Purpose: The Billionaire’s Paradigm (#2)

billionaire's paradigmHis Absolute Purpose: The Billionaire’s Paradigm (#2)
by Cerys du Lys
Published by Fido Publishing
78 pages
Genre: erotica 
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5

Here we go again, boys and girls. Repeat after me: don’t repeat.

Yes, a bit oxymoronic, but I am about to have a hissy fit, so commence with the girding of your loins.

Our story here is fairly decent: Masters student Elise works at a library and volunteers to stick around despite a record-breaking snowstorm headed her way. She has a comfortable, if quiet and somewhat staid, life, and she’s okay with that.

Into the library, seeking refuge, comes Lucent Storme (yeah … for reals), a successful and powerful PR rep five years her senior. As the two batten down the hatches, they also open up to each other. Elise knows a few things about Lucent, and she’s also heard rumors that he enjoys a little spanky panky. She becomes intrigued.

One thing leads to another – and by “one thing,” I mean one sex act – and the two bond, so to speak. But what will happen when they leave the library? Ah, there’s the rub, no pun intended.

Lucent is prepared to walk away, but Elise is not. There is nothing in his lifestyle that puts her off, aside from a few concerns about pain and whatnot. But the warm and fuzzy side of his “BDSM things” appeals to her. She thinks getting spanked is hot, and she wouldn’t mind putting up a struggle or two. Lucent, though, wants a bit more than that. He’s looking for a slave, and Elise … well, Elise is a bit too headstrong to be a slave.

Whatever will happen to our happy couple?

See? The plot isn’t so bad. For once we don’t have the wealthy older guy and the naive younger girl. Yes, Lucent has money (I’m not sure he’s like the titular billionaire, but he’s rich), but he isn’t serviced by a large staff, he drives himself, and we see him WORK. He also has his Issues, as all good erotica Doms must, but with the love of a good woman, perhaps he can prevail.

So what’s the problem? Why only three stars?


Remember our gripe about the Christian Grey series? All of that lip biting and smirking and eye rolling? Well, kids, it’s here, too.


Elise pouts. She pouts A LOT.

Elise bites her lip. She bites her lip A LOT.

Elise sticks out her tongue. She sticks out her tongue A LOT.

She does those three things to such excess that I could not figure out what in the world kept Lucent around. And it will drive you in-freaking-sane to read. If I had to read another tongue sticking out or pouting, I would have chucked the entire book.


Then there is the nature of Lucent’s domination. He wants a slave. He doesn’t want a willful girl. He wants to pick out clothes and cook and protect. Elise wants none of that. What is it about her that makes him even contemplate compromise? Hell if I know. Stick out her tongue? Pout? He must be into that mess.

Lucent, you see, is a delicious hero. Yum, yum, yummmmm. Early in the library scenes, he sort of performs something for Elise that made my heart beat wildly. And he isn’t emotionally closed off. Yes, he is suffering, but he allows himself to feel sad. He isn’t happy about it, and he views it as a weakness, but he doesn’t stop it, either. I liked that in him, and it made him unique in this genre.

One thing Cerys du Lys does exceptionally well is write the sex scenes. The headboard rockin’ is HOT. It scorches, and that’s where du Lys redeems herself. Strap on your vibrators, girls, because the sexy times will cause you to need it. If du Lys had replaced a few pouts with more hot headboard rockin’, I might have given this five stars.

Alas, the ridiculousness of Elise sticking out her tongue (she’s 23, for goodness sakes) and pouting (again … she’s almost 24-years-old) was just overwhelmingly annoying.

Read it for the sex and for Lucent. Skim the pouting et. al.


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