Accidents & Incidents

accidents & incidentsAccidents & Incidents
by Riley Graham
Published by Indie Inked
220 pages
Genre: YA 
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3.5 / 5


Go home and hug your mother, because after reading about Leslie’s, you will be grateful for what you have.

As difficult as it is to live up to her critical mother’s standards, Leslie does a capable job. She may not clean the kitchen as her mother prefers, but she earns good grades, dates a good guy, and is well thought of in high school.

But there is the teensy matter of being attracted to Cole, her boyfriend’s best friend. And really liking Meredith, Cole’s girlfriend. And slowly developing a friendship of sorts with Dennis, a loner who sneaks smokes in the parking lot. So when her boyfriend breaks up with her, Leslie has to navigate her way through the minefield that is high school relationships. What will happen with Cole? What about Meredith? And what will happen with Dennis?

This is an enjoyable book with characters who feel real. Okay, maybe not Cain’s father. He seems so smarmy that you need to take a shower after reading the sections in which he appears. But we all knew a Cain in high school, every school has a Dennis, and at one time or another, we might have been Leslie.

That’s the selling point for this book: it feels real. Sometimes almost too real. When Leslie lets Cain press his leg against hers under a blanket, we know that she’s attracted to him. We understand the battle she has with herself about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Meredith is pretty great, and she’s a good friend to Leslie. She doesn’t deserve to get hurt, but Leslie likes Cain so much. Meanwhile, her friendship with Dennis slowly progresses. But can they really be friends? They are so different.

Perhaps. They might be more alike than either realizes.

Teens will love this book because they will see themselves and their friends in it. Leslie is someone you can empathize with, and her struggles with her mother are presented without sympathy. This is Leslie’s challenge to surmount, and she needs to figure out how to do that for herself.

I enjoyed this one a great deal.


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