Island Promises: Hawaiian Holiday / Hawaiian Reunion / Hawaiian Getaway

Island PromisesIsland Promises: Hawaiian Holiday / Hawaiian Reunion / Hawaiian Getaway
by Raeanne Thayne, Marie Ferrarella, Leanne Banks
Published by Harlequin Anthologies
320 pages
Genre: chick lit, romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5 overall
Here we have three novellas, all centered around the same Hawaiian destination wedding, and of the three, one is pretty good, another okay, and the third weak.

We’ll begin with “Hawaiian Holiday,” which turns out to be the strongest of the bunch. Megan has agreed to fly from Chicago with her two seven-year-old twin daughters to her ex-husband’s wedding. Before you raise an eyebrow, Megan and Nick were not well suited for one another. Theirs was a shotgun wedding, and they extracted themselves without any collateral damage. Their twin girls are adorable, and the whole thing just seems precious.

Megan wonders, though, if she will ever find the love that Nick now shares with his new wife Cara. Before she can ask twice, in comes Shane, one of Nick’s fellow firefighters. Shane is every woman’s fantasy for a hot firefighter, and he does not disappoint. They circle each other, but Shane is reluctant to do more than play kissy kissy. He recalls his childhood with shudders and does not want to have children. Megan, of course, comes with two.

It’s a cute, predictable story, and you can’t help but smile as you read it. Megan is enjoyable and Shane is hot. So it’s good.

“Hawaiian Getaway” falls off a little. Nick’s sister Gabi shows up for the wedding feeling professionally stressed. She’s trying to prove herself to her father, and it causes her to focus nearly solely on work. Fortunately, Finn the surf instructor is around to take her mind off of her day job. But he’s a surf instructor, and she’s a professionally-driven cosmetics executive. What future do they have?

This one is also sweet – there is a cute kid involved – but just not as magnetic as the Holiday story. I don’t know if I had Hawaiian fatigue at this point (this is the last of the three), but I had a difficult time sustaining interest. Of the three, this is the only one that comes close to hot headboard rockin’, although even then, you get no details.

Finally, there is the second story. The titular reunion is between Amy and Devlin, a couple in the beginning stages of divorce. There is nothing – and I mean nothing – credible in this story, aside from Devlin being adorable. Amy is a wench, and the cause of their marital friction just does not work effectively. There are too many holes here, and that makes for a weak story.

I’ll say this much for these novellas: they are a Kauai Chamber of Commerce dream, because you will want to high tail it to Hawaii. I mean, if these three women can find some island lovin’, why couldn’t we?


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