Kiss Me at Midnight

kiss me at midnightKiss Me at Midnight
by Diane Alberts
Published by Entangled
91 pages
Genre: romance, chick lit
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3.5 / 5

So it’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve been in a bit of a dry spell. You want to rock that headboard HARD. Just for tonight. That’s all – no relationship, no phone calls, no dates. Just a session (or two) of headboard rockin’.

Such is the mindset of newly minted doctor Ashley, who has returned home to set up shop. She heads to a local bar with her bestie, sights set on Mr. Tonight. Well, she might have thought that her ex-high school best pal Ethan would be there.

Ethan was a nerd in high school. Glasses, stutter, no-pack abs. But he and Ashley were best friends. They told each other everything, and Ashley kind of sort of fell in love with him. But one day Ethan just stopped talking to her, and the next thing she knows, it’s eight years later, he’s living in California, and he comes back, hotter than she ever imagined. Comes back temporarily.

Cue the squeaking box springs.

With the clock running on their coupling, they decide to get the most out of it, which means connecting with each other as intimately and hotly as possible. Yeah, they talk. Blah blah whatever. They enjoy playing tonsil hockey, although Ashely finds herself hoping Ethan won’t return to Cali. Ethan hates his hometown and staunchly refuses to even consider sticking around.

So whatever will they do?

The sexy times are sweet more than graphic, and the love story, while utterly predictable, is cute enough that you keep reading. Ashley is a good role model for women who try to control relationships and wind up getting dumped. She knows just what to say and when to say it as far as Ethan’s interests are concerned.

And he’s hot, so we want him to stick around too.

A cute, occasionally sexy novella.


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