His to Possess: #2 (The Morning After) & #3 (Perfect Storm)

his to possess #2 his to possess #3His to Possess #2: The Morning After
His to Possess #3: Perfect Storm
by Opal Carew
Published by St. Martin’s Griffin
44 pages (each novella)
Genre: erotica
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3.5 / 5 for each

Each of these 44-page novellas is part of a six-part story, so before you read #2, pick up #1 (The Seduction). If you read this review, it will contain spoilers for #1, and it will encompass both #2 and #3.

The Morning After picks up after billionaire businessman Dane and job seeker Jessica have shared a night of unspeakable passion. Let’s pause for a moment, girls, grab our vibrators, and salute Dane. He enjoys controlling a woman sexually, and Jessica was surprised to find that she enjoys letting him do it.

So Jessica has landed a job as a “personal assistant,” only imagine her shock – shock, I tell you – that she will be assisting Dane!

Now, there is a job description I’d like to see. Because Dane’s idea of “assisting” is every bit as hot as you’d hope it would be.

He sets challenges for her, and while Jessica proves herself capable in a corporate sense, she also proves herself capable in a sex-on-the-desk sense.

But of course, all good things must have a wrench thrown into them, and that wrench is Storm, the man who broke Jessica’s heart.

When this installment ends, it leads to the third, which, given its title of Perfect Storm, tells us that Storm blows into town.

It’s hot. The sex? Hot. Dane is … Dane can rock that headboard right into the stratosphere. He doesn’t want to fall for Jessica, but he does. She, on the other hand, is equally as leery. But what’s not to love in Dane? If only there wasn’t the specter of Storm to haunt her.

I will say that I found myself wondering what Dane sees in Jessica, other than a young woman willing to submit to him. She isn’t exactly a font of scintillating conversation. Or all that much of a challenge. The other element that irked me was how easily Jessica’s live seems to come together. Frustratingly so. People who should not like her fall in thrall with her. It’s a head scratcher, faithful readers. She isn’t all that fabulous.

Then we get to Part 3.

Storm has come back, boys and girls. And sexual performance is no longer the sole bailiwick of Dane. Storm’s got it going on too. More so, even, because Storm is the object of his and Dane’s secretary’s eye. Melanie has loved him for, like, ever.

Storm, though, got to Jessica first. Can he keep her? Will he? What about Dane?

The hotness continues in this one, much as it did with the first two installments. The sexy times are scorchin’ hot. For a 44-page quickie, it’s a fun, hot read.

If only Jessica were more compelling. If only there was sustained tension.

Ah, if only.


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