Her Hard to Resist Husband

her hard to resist husbandHer Hard to Resist Husband
by Tina Beckett
Published by Harlequin
147 pages
Genre: romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3.5 / 5


So that title. You would wonder, would you not, if perhaps an editor could come up with something – oh, I don’t know – pithier? Something not so obvious?

The good news is that the novel is better than its title. The bad news, for those of you looking for a straightforward romance, is that the novel is educational.

Tracy and Ben are doctors, currently serving in Brazil. They specialize in different sorts of diseases; Tracy focuses more on general health, whereas Ben is into the freaky stuff (0h, if only – although there are hints that he’s into the GOOD sort of freak … a la All He Wants or Bared to You). They are also married, although they haven’t seen or been together in four years.

But when Tracy comes up against a vicious communicable outbreak in the village in which she’s working, she turns to the one person she knows can help her and the villagers: Ben.

These two still love each other. They still desire each other. So why aren’t they together? They are IDIOTS. That’s why.

See, Tracy can’t stay put in one place too long, and because she takes that Hippocratic Oath to heart with unbearable intensity, Ben thinks that Tracy’s need to help some sick folks caused her to lose their baby. He also thinks that she puts everyone else ahead of them – and their unborn child. It isn’t that she is ambitious so much as she just needs to help people.

Ben, for his part, is controlling, so much so that Tracy can’t quite forgive him for sicking the government on her.

So they have issues.

As they work together, though, sparks ignite. As we knew – or at least hoped – they would.

Along the way, you get quite the earful (or eyeful, as the case may be) about disease and sterilization and healthcare and poverty and all that stuff. Not quite what you’d hope for a Hot Romance Novel.

There is some hotness, although not nearly enough. Not nearly. For every scene involving illness and masks and gloves, it would have been nice to have some sexy times. There were moments when I felt like the book was over-reaching. It’s a ROMANCE NOVEL, for goodness sakes. Not a treatise on third world healthcare.

I’m giving it 3½ stars because of Ben. I liked the guy. He’s noble but not in an off-putting way, and when we finally do get Ben naked, it’s worth it. I just wanted more. MORE, I tell you.


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