by Caroline B. Cooney
Published by Open Road Media
Genre: YA, mystery
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5


Annabel Jayquith and Daniel Ransom meet cute: they’re at a swanky society affair, and each hopes that the other has no idea who he or she really is. See, Annabel is the daughter of a rich hotel tycoon, and Daniel is the son of an assassinated senator. So they have baggage.

But they instantly fall in love with each other, and they hope to stay that way. There is the teensy little problem of Daniel’s mother believing that Annabel’s father killed her husband. Who would be Daniel’s father.

Then there is Jade O’Keefe, who thinks she is related to the Jayquith’s via Annabel’s aunt, a famous talk show host. And here is the most confusing subplot: Annabel’s father, presented to us as a driven, brilliant, hardened man, immediately accepts Jade into the family. At one point, Annabel calls him on this, pointing out that he investigates his staff more than his long lost niece. Why he does is never satisfyingly explained.

There is some suspense as the killer’s identity slowly unfolds, plus you have the suspense of Daniel and Annabel. Can they find a way to be together? But what if her father is the killer?

I wanted to like this book because I enjoyed Annabel and Daniel so much. But other than the two of them, the rest of the book is just meh. Who cares about Jade? Or Daniel’s mother? Not me.

It isn’t that this is a bad book, so much as it just isn’t all that good. There is too much to dislike and not enough to love.


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