Alert the Media (Hollywood Hotties #1)

alert the mediaAlert the Media (Hollywood Hotties, vol. 1)
by Mia Fox
Published by Evatopia
298 pages
Genre: new adult lit; chick lit
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
2 / 5

I’ll admit that the subtitle of this book – Hollywood Hotties – gave me pause. I prepared myself for some silly writing.

And it turned out that my Spidey Sense was pretty on target.

April is a fledgling Hollywood publicist married to Ryan Monahan, an up and coming Hollywood Hottie. Unfortunately for April, Ryan tells her that he is gay and wants out of their relationship. Even worse, April’s agency represents Ryan – and they want her to go on pretending that he’s straight.

Hijinks and hilarity ensue.

The thing about this book is that its silliness could be overlooked – applauded, even – if any of the characters were likable. Oh, there is one – a guy involved in an auto accident with April – but that’s it. The friendly neighborhood veterinarian appears to be a good guy, but I wound up not liking him either.

Why doesn’t April just leave Ryan? Well, she likes her job and wants to keep it, even if it makes her feel dirty and unappreciated (which begs the question of what, exactly, she likes about it). What April does to make her clients happy will make you question everything you think is true about celebrities, and that is the one thing about this book that I enjoyed. And it is occasionally funny, in a silly way.

April is vapid and dull, Ryan is a prat, and all the other characters (except Accident Guy) are selfish and mean-spirited.

And there isn’t even hot headboard rockin’.

If you’re going to write a silly book, embrace the silliness. But also make sure your characters are likable. Lacking that, at least have some hot sexy times.


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