Sex Love Repeat

sex love repeatSex Love Repeat
by Alessandra Torre
Published by CreateSpace
280 pages
Genre: erotica
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5


I am not going to lie to you fine people: this is one wild book.

Madison is a California girl, lush in her mid-twenties, and utterly confident. When she literally falls into Stewart, a wealthy, sophisticated, successful entrepreneur, she also falls into a sexual union with him. The two begin to see each other; Madison makes herself available for him whenever he needs her. They meet at his office, in his home, at swanky parties. Madison enjoys sex, and she has found herself a man who will give it to her with raw, hard passion.

But Stewart is concerned. He knows that Madison likes sex enough to partake of it with other men. His concerns about her safety lead him to suggest that she get a boyfriend. She laughs it off until she meets Paul, a carefree, sweet surfer who also knows his way around a mattress. Paul accepts Madison’s arrangement because he knows she loves him.

Madison does realize that someday, this situation will come to a head (so to speak), but she’s going to enjoy every bit of it for as long as she can.

There is a fourth character: a mystery woman who knows both Stewart and Paul, and who becomes obsessed with understanding Madison’s relationship with them.

And that’s where the story goes bad. We do not need this woman. Her presence is superfluous, at best, and worst, distracting. Badly distracting. When we are in her head, I lose interest.

Fortunately, right about the time I get bored, Madison is in bed with one of her men and things heat up. And by “heat up,” I mean that the headboard gets rocked into next month. Stewart is all about sex as a release. It’s how he gets rid of excess energy and stress, and in Madison, he finds a willing partner. Paul, on the other hand, is into the emotional connection that sex brings. Both men make Madison happy. She loves Paul, but she also loves Stewart.

Will she need to choose? Of course she will. What sparks that choice, however, is the other unnecessary aspect of this tale. Madison’s recovery from that episode is farcical to the point that you will think, “Seriously? SERIOUSLY?”

But I digress.

This is not a book that you are meant to ponder or spend too much time thinking about. What you are supposed to do is read it and enjoy those sex scenes. Fortunately, they are deliciously hot.


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