Star Crossed

star crossedStar Crossed (The Stargazer Series)
by Jennifer Echols
Published by Pocket Books
384 pages
Genre: new adult lit; romance; chick lit; mystery
4 / 5


If you are accustomed to reading Jennifer Echols’ young adult novels, let’s just say that this one might be a bit of a shock. In fact, if you are a young adult, you might want to save this until you’re eighteen. Or twenty-one.

The first of a series, Star Crossed tells the story of Wendy Mann, a publicist who specializes in turning around troubled stars. If you’ve robbed a liquor store or passed out on your neighbor’s lawn and you have box office receipts to protect, then you call Wendy.

When we meet her, she’s in a bit of a professional pickle, however. Her bosses aren’t convinced that she did a good job with her most recent assignment, so they want to fire her. Ever resourceful, Wendy makes a deal: I fix pop star Lorelei’s (think Britney Spears-esque) reputation, and you let me keep my job.

Naturally, there will be obstacles to overcome, but none quite as hot, handsome, successful, intimidating, or – in Wendy’s case – hateful as Daniel Blackstone, her one-time college rival who now fills that professional slot as well. Daniel, you see, represents Lorelei’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, the cause of her many misguided effects.

The thing is, she was soooo attracted to Daniel in college. And he always appeared cold, remote, and disinterested. But the other thing is, he wasn’t. In fact, he has loved her since college.

Our two publicists wind up in Las Vegas with their wayward stars, each determined to protect his or her own interests. Wendy immediately begins teasing Daniel, and he responds by cracking a smile. Wendy enjoys making him smile, much to her horror, as he responds to her.

So … you can kind of guess what happens with our star crossed lovers, can’t you? And I don’t mean Lorelei and Colten.

Oh, I almost forgot. Wendy has an ex-boyfriend with an ax to grind, and he may not have disappeared from her life quite as completely as she wishes.

The story line is entertaining and will keep you hooked, especially if you devour celebrity magazines and are curious about how those articles come to light. It’s also entertaining because of the characters, specifically Daniel. I didn’t always enjoy Wendy and her shenanigans, even if I understood that she operates from fear and a need to prove herself. Daniel, though. I liked Daniel. He loves Wendy, even if he has no idea how to express it. Or should I say, express it verbally. He can express some lovin’ in the sheets, girls. Oh, yes he can.


There is some h-o-t headboard rockin’, which kind of makes me loves Jennifer Echols all the harder.

The mystery subplot is serviceable, but that’s about it. I almost forgot about it as I got into the book. In fact, when it would rear its head, I found myself wondering if we really needed it.

Still, though, if you’re an Echols fan, and you’re a Grown Up, you will enjoy this one.


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