Playing Dirty

playing dirtyPlaying Dirty
by Jennifer Echols
Published by Pocket Books
448 pages
Genre: new adult; chick lit; romance; mystery
Thanks to NetGalley and edelweiss for the preview
2 / 5

So right after I finished reading Star CrossedI picked up this one, which is part of Echols’ Stargazer series. And …. let’s just say I wish I’d stopped with Star Crossed

We met Sarah in Star Crossed; she works with Wendy at a New York PR business, specializing in helping hapless stars. Now she gets her own story, and it is not nearly as entertaining as Wendy’s.

Sarah has recently returned from a hellish assignment in South America with music star Nine Lives, who apparently threatened her life. She is running scared, and her bosses are so upset with the job she did – or didn’t do – that they ship her off to handle fractious country band Cheatin’ Hearts. So she heads to Alabama, coincidentally her home state, to do her job.

The band is comprised of three men and one woman, and they prefer to pull their own strings. They’ve been orchestrating their course for a while now, and they aren’t too keen on Sarah’s appearance, particularly lead singer Quentin. He stages fights with band members, appears drunk, and even allows an allergic reaction to be reported as a drug overdose, all in the name of publicity. The last thing he wants is Sarah poking her nose around in his band’s business.

But Sarah is a comely lass, and Quentin is drawn to her, so much so that he risks breaking one of the band’s rules: no sex with record company employees. (The other two are no drugs, and no sex with each other.) For her part, Sarah is just as drawn to him as he is to her.

Quentin and the band’s attempts at subterfuge nearly thwart the budding romance, as does the threat of Nine Lives getting out of jail and exacting revenge. Much like Star Crossed, this mystery sub plot is unnecessary and distracting.

But that isn’t the only problem with this book.

It just isn’t … heaven help me for saying this, because I ADORE Jennifer Echols … it isn’t interesting.

I had to force myself to keep reading it, words I never thought I’d say when it comes to one of her books.

But it’s true. I didn’t care about Quentin or his band, didn’t really care about Sarah, and really lost interest in the whole Nine Lives thing. The only aspect that kept me reading was the headboard rockin’, which was mighty nice.

Just not good enough to justify recommending this book.

Go read Star Crossed, Such a Rush, Forget You, Love Story, or Going Too Far. Those will keep you happily reading, as opposed to regrettably.


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