A Slight Change of Plan

a slight change of planA Slight Change of Plan
by Dee Ernst
Published by Montlake Romance
352 pages
Genre: romance, chick lit
Thanks to edelweiss for the preview
4 / 5

When you’re over 50, widowed, and have no kids at home, it’s time for a change. An if-not-now-when sort of thing. Kate Everett certainly thinks so. Her husband died several years ago, her two oldest children are college graduates, and her youngest is about to be. She has done her mourning. It’s time for a change of pace, as it were.

First on the To-Do list: quit her job as a tax attorney. She has a part-time gig as a professor at a local college lined up, so that makes the whole job quitting thing a little easier.

Second: Sell the family home and move into a two-bedroom condo. Downsize, right? So much easier, and who needs all that room?

Next: get a man.

She begins by going a dating site, but her first few dates are unimpressive. Then she gets a “wave” from someone completely unexpected: Jake her college boyfriend and True Love who dumped her painfully and unceremoniously, a man she’s never really gotten over.

And then her daughter announces that she’s getting married, so now Kate has a wedding to plan. Or not plan, as the case may be, because her only daughter wants something small.

And then her youngest son and his girlfriend need to move in with her.

And then her estranged mother needs to as well.

It’s as if the saying, “We make plans and God laughs,” comes to life for her.

There are other complications in Kate’s life, but you’ll have to read about those yourself.

This is a humorous, warm, lively book, and you will be hooked in the first pages. Kate, her family, and her friends are immensely likable, if not completely unique. There are times you feel as if you’ve read this book before because the characters are so familiar. To her credit, though, Dee Ernst keeps you turning the pages. You will want to know what happens between Kate and Jake. Can they make the most of their second chance? Or could someone else show up and make her rethink everything?

It’s a fun read. You’ll enjoy it.


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