Blog Tour: Finding It

Finding It

Finding It
by Cora Carmack
Published by William Morrow
320 pages
Genre: new adult
Thanks to TLC Book Tours for the preview
3.5 / 5

Kelsey Summers is one of those people whom most of us envy. A recent college graduate, she is able to tlc tour hostpostpone adulthood and the Real World by traveling all over Europe. For as long as she wants. On Daddy’s bill.

Of course, nothing is so simple in Kelsey’s world.

She has a fractious relationship with her parents, thanks largely to an Incident From Her Past. (You see this Incident about five miles away, so when Kelsey finally gets around to telling us about it, we might feel as if we beat her to it.) She also doesn’t have the greatest relationships with her friends; she goes days without touching base with them, and you can’t figure out why any of them stick around.

As she cavorts in Europe, Kelsey meets new people, one of whom is gorgeous, hot Jackson Hunt. He seems to pop up in Kelsey’s travels just when she wants to see him, serendipitous man that he is. He’s also clearly interested in Kelsey – and she in him – yet he won’t make a move. Instead, he talks her into a week of adventures that he plans and with him as a companion. Kelsey agrees, and we follow their capers.

This is a romance, largely, with some hot sexy times. Granted, a lot of those hot sexy times end with a certain element of blue ovaries because Jackson just won’t go as far as Kelsey – and we – wish he would. Therein lies one of the mysteries of this book: why won’t Jackson rock that headboard? The other mystery is the Incident From Kelsey’s Past, but that one doesn’t have near the payoff of Jackson’s.

Here are the pluses to this book: the European locales are fun to read about, and Jackson is so hot that he positively scorches the pages. You’ll keep reading just to see if Kelsey and Jackson finally rock the headboard. But here is the minus: Kelsey. I did not like her at all. Jackson says that she is on fire and lit from within and a bunch of other cliches, but I didn’t see evidence of any of that. She comes across spoiled, entitled, and selfish. At one point I hoped that Jackson would run away from her.

Despite Kelsey, it is a fun read. I just wish I liked her more. If I did, I think the book would have been more enjoyable.

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For more information about Cora Carmack, check out her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.



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