Take a Look at Me Now

Take a Look at me nowTake a Look at Me Now
by Miranda Dickinson
Published by AVON
416 pages
Genre: chick lit; romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5

When Nell Sullivan is called into the office of  her boyfriend – and coworker  – she thinks he’s going to pop the question. Sure, they haven’t been getting on all that fabulously lately, but it’s time. They’ve been dating for several years, albeit on and off, but it’s time, isn’t it?

Well, imagine her shock when Aidan not only does not propose, he fires her.

Nell is outraged. Furious. Vengeful.

And a tiny, teensy bit relieved.

She has long harbored a desire to open her own diner, and if this isn’t Fate delivering opportunity, then what on earth is it. She decides to toss reason to the wind and hops a plane to visit a cousin in San Francisco, intending to stay six weeks. Recharge the batteries, get ideas for the diner, and then worry about jobs and paychecks and paying bills.

It doesn’t take long for Nell to realize that this will be more than what she planned. First, there is her love affair with Annie’s, a Haight-Ashbury diner that serves up the most delicious combinations of French toast. Then there is a certain intriguing attraction with a man named Max. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and a good kisser.

In other words, he’s a fantasy come true.

The problem with fantasies is that eventually they recede and reality sets upon us. For Nell, that reality brings a painful lesson and no small amount of questions. Can she start the diner? Can she remain true to her vision? And what about Max?

This is a fun book, if not the most compelling. It’s occasionally frustrating in its transparency. There was one plot twist that I didn’t fully see coming – I wondered if it might be the case but dismissed it – but for the most part, I knew what would happen. Nell herself is not always likable. When she finds out something about Max that she isn’t sure she likes, she does not give him the opportunity to explain himself. We all know that there is more to this situation than she realizes, but she willfully chooses to ignore reason and instead allow her hurt feelings to prevail.

Still, though, it’s cute. Don’t go looking for anything hot, though. There is no headboard rocking, I am sad to report. There is a sweet romance (more than one, actually), and there are delicious descriptions of food.

San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit. Thanks to Miranda Dickinson, I might have to plan a return trip real soon.


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