Up to the Challenge (An Anchor Island Novel)

up to the challenge    Up to the Challenge (An Anchor Island Novel)
    by Terri Osburn
Published by Amazon Publishing, Montlake Romance
350 pages
Genre: romance, chick lit
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5

Despite having the body of a centerfold, Sidney prefers to dress like a twelve-year-old boy. It’s deceptive not only for what she covers up – those curves! – but also because it implies that she’s childish or weak willed. Sid Navarro is anything but. She’s tough, almost to a fault. But she when she cares, she cares deeply.

So when the Dempsey patriarch and owner of Anchor Island’s finest family restaurant takes ill, Sid offers to help. Also offering is Lucas Dempsey, the erstwhile black sheep of the family. Although how much of a black sheep you can be when you’re a successful lawyer on the partner track must be asked.


Lucas comes back, and Sid greets the news with some mixed emotions. She has loved Lucas Dempsey since she was a teenager, but Lucas ignored her, barely registering her existence. My, how things change. When Sid rips off her profane t-shirt to reveal a tank top that barely constrains her hot figure, Lucas can’t ignore her any longer. Nor can his nether regions. They notice her real, real well.

So you can see where this is headed, right? Sid struggles with falling for Lucas, who struggles with falling for Sid. The clock is ticking on his time at home; he has that law career to return to, don’t forget. But Anchor Island sprinkles a certain amount of fairy dust on these two, and perhaps they can find a way to be together.

Are there sexy times? Yes. Yes, there are. Perhaps not as detailed as I’d like, although they are not for the prudish. They’re hot. Lucas is hot. LUCAS IS HOT.

The sugar overload may be a bit much for those of you who prefer your stories a little dirtier. Anchor Island is one of those quirky locals you see in novels where all of the locals are humorous and entertaining. And Lucas and Sid are a bit predictable; in fact, little of this book is original.

But it’s fun. It’s a good read, and I admit that I teared up. I enjoyed it, and I don’t often enjoy cute. This is cute. Lucas, though. LUCAS IS HOT.


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