Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites #2)
by Avery Aster
Published by Ellora’s Cave
269 pages
Genre: erotica
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5

Strap on your vibrators, girls, because you’ll need them as you read this book. You know you’re in for a racy novel when the heroine gets her vajayjay bedazzled with red crystals.

For reals.

Taddy Brill takes a much-needed vacation to a private resort, hoping to unwind and get pampered. If that pampering includes getting her private parts massaged, then all the better. Warner, a hunka hunka burning love if ever there was, owns said resort, and he happens upon “Miss Red” (Taddy has red hair … I know. I am stunned by the originality here as well), who calls him “Big Daddy.” They have a connection while at Warner’s night club; actually, what connects are his fingers to her nether region. Taddy likes what she feels, but she scampers off the island before she and Warner can do much more than exchange her bodily fluids for his business card.

Imagine her surprise when Big Daddy turns out to be a billionaire mogul.

You’d think these two crazy kids would hook up when they’re back in Manhattan, but alas. True lust never runs easily. Taddy has Issues, you know, and no matter how fabulous the headboard rockin’ may be, those Issues could preclude a lasting relationship with Big Daddy.

Okay, so the plot is weak. But the plot is not the point, now, is it. The POINT, fair readers, is that headboard rockin’. And my oh my does Warner know how to satisfy a woman.

Avery Aster writes very solid erotica, and the hot loving is HOT. It is inspiring. It is deliciously detailed. All of this is very good news indeed, because occasionally the “plot” veers off into such nonsense that I found myself giggling out loud. (See: Big Daddy.)

The characters are entertaining, if not a bit underwritten. But again, do we care? I mean, do we plan on spending hours analyzing why Warner so easily succumbs to love for Taddy when surely he would be a bit more cautious? Hell to the NO. We don’t care. We just care about Warner’s ability to rock that headboard, and rock it he does.


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