One Night in the Spa

One Night in the Spa
by Kathy Lyons
Published by Entangled
77 pages
Genre: romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3 / 5

The title is a dead giveaway, isn’t it? Pride and Prejudice this is not. Nor is it Gone Girl, The Husband’s Secret, or Dangerous Girls. This, my friends, is pure entertainment.

Kim is a former professional squash player, forced to retire due to injury. She works at a fitness gym, and David, the spa’s manager, offers to give her a stress reducing massage. In the spa. One night.

David, you see, doesn’t want to be relegated to the friend zone for one more moment, so he plans to let Kim know that he’s interested in more than something platonic. She, meanwhile, is in a delayed onslaught of puberty and finds herself all horned up in general, toward David specifically.

There is some sort of corporate mumbo jumbo going on regarding ownership of the spa, but who cares about that? You want to know about the one night! In a spa!

Let’s just say that it could be hotter.

I’m sure Kim enjoyed it.

But I wanted more.

We learn a lot about Kim’s backstory, but not as much about David’s. Like I said … I wanted more. It’s as if you’re getting half a massage, so to speak.

Sometimes you need something utterly fun and forgettable to read, and for those moments, this is as good a pick as any, I guess.

I just wish there had been more.


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