Your Room or Mine?

Your Room or Mine?
by Charlotte Phillips
Published by HarperImpulse
108 pages
Genre: chick lit; romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
4 / 5

So you dump your boyfriend after you catch him cheating, and the two of you were supposed to get away for a romantic weekend. What do you do with that hotel room? Izzy Shaw decides to go anyway, and if she can enjoy a hot hook-up, then all the better.

This novella tells a cute story and has characters you will enjoy. Even better, it’s hot.

Izzy gets her hook-up, with the adorably inscrutable Oliver Forbes, and she makes the most of it. With Oliver’s help, of course. They enjoy the wrinkled bed sheets out of each other, so much so that Oliver starts to wonder if perhaps they could make their one night together into something more.

Charlotte Phillips does a nice job of letting us get to know Izzy and Oliver over this little book, and she writes deliciously hot headboard rockin’.

Enjoy this one for what it is: a fast read with good sex scenes.


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One response to “Your Room or Mine?

  1. Hot and funny ? Your review made it, I just bought it 😉

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