Love, Technically

Love, Technically
by Lynne Silver
Published by Entangled Publishing
95 pages
Genre: chick lit
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3.5 / 5

Mistaken identity is a common motif in books, and as done here, it’s cute and fun.

Michelle has come to the big city of Chicago from her podunk Iowa hometown, searching for … well … she’s not quite sure what. Something that isn’t her podunk Iowa hometown, that much she knows. She wants to see things and experience things and live a life she knows is out there, somewhere. After a week as a call center rep at a software company, she is about to kick the printer to the curb. When a cute coworker helps her out, she’s intrigued. Turns out that he’s not just a coworker, he’s the CEO of the company. But he doesn’t tell Michelle that right away. He likes that she likes him for him, and he wants to keep it that way.

A breezy, fun read, this book doesn’t ask more of you than to enjoy it. There is some headboard rockin’, not the wildest or most explicit, but good.

One caveat: Michelle is almost unspeakably naive, and her obliviousness occasionally induced a little eye-rolling. But she’s adorable, so you accept it. I did have a HUGE issue with the whole University of Chicago thing. That’s a pretty good school, and Michelle is not presented as a genius, so that part was a bit of a head scratcher.


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