Lush: A Delicious Novel
by Lauren Dane
Published by Berkley Trade
320 pages
Genre: romance; erotica
Thanks to edelweiss for the preview
4 / 5

The subtitle of this book offers a perfect description: it is indeed delicious.

Mary Whaley runs a catering company and offers a supper club on the side. She enjoys her life. She has friends, she loves what she does, and she owns her own home. There may not be a man around to share it with, but Mary accepts that. In fact, she’s quite okay with it.

But this is a romance novel, so of course a boy has to show up. In this case, it’s the immensely hot (and delicious) Damien Hurley, who fronts a rock band with his brothers and a family friend. Damien’s reputation as a ladies’ man is entirely deserved. But don’t judge. Damien can’t help it if sex appeal radiates off of him. And what kind of meany pants would he be if he rejected all of the women who offer themselves to him?

When he comes up against Mary Whaley, though, Damien begins to reconsider his life’s trajectory. Maybe it’s time to settle down and focus on just one woman, especially if she’s a dirty little minx like Mary. Yes, she’s a caterer with her own business, but she’s also a woman who unabashedly enjoys sex and has a healthy appreciation for a little filth in the boudoir.

The sex scenes here are hot, hot, hottttt. These two rock the headboard more vigorously than the drummer in Damien’s band. Yes, there are some problems that must be confronted, and you can probably figure out what they are.

Let’s face it. We’re not reading this for its life changing writing; we read it because we want some escapist fun and some hot lovin’. You get both, thanks to that delicious hero.


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