Just One Night: Exposed

Exposed: Just One Night, Part II
by Kyra Davis
Published by Pocket Star
136 pages
Genre: erotica
Thanks to edelweiss for the preview
4 / 5

Poor Kasie Fitzgerald. She goes to Vegas, has a night of rocking hot sex with a stranger, only to return home and realize that said stranger is about to be her client. Teensy problem, because she’s living with Dave, to whom she expects to be engaged. Not-so-teensy problem: Dave will not be happy to find out about Kasie’s affair. This was the story in Part I of the Just One Night series, The Stranger.

As Part II begins, Dave is on the warpath, and Kasie is terrified. It isn’t so much a fear of losing Robert as a fear of losing herself. In The Stranger, Kasie discovered her sexuality. She realized that she enjoys sex, she enjoys the intimacy of connecting with someone sexually, and her needs are important. Dave never made her feel that way. So when he shows up, guns blazing, Kasie feels herself slowly start to die.

And that is the focus of this book. Is there sex? Sure, there is. But the point of Part II isn’t whether Kasie can sneak off and rock the headboard with Robert; it’s whether she is strong enough to fight for herself. Robert has a habit of showing up to rescue her, but it becomes clear that Kasie needs to rescue herself.

Whereas Part I was a fun, hot read, this one gets more serious and more intense. We pick sides, and occasionally we change our allegiance. Dave? Robert? Is either all that he appears to be? Perhaps Kasie is better off picking up her toys and moving to a new sandbox entirely.

As with its predecessor, Exposed ends with questions. Part III is due out in May (and not a moment too soon, Kyra Davis … I am not amused that I have to wait), and I hope we will get some answers. By this point, you will be fully invested in Kasie’s story. Will she be true to herself and her needs? Will she sacrifice them for a man? Will it be Dave, Robert, or someone else? And will there be more hot sex?


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