Caroselli’s Christmas Baby

Caroselli’s Christmas Baby
by Michelle Celmer
Published by Harlequin Desire
192 pages
Genre: romance
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview
3.5 / 5 cupcakes

Well, that title kind of gives everything away, doesn’t it?

Terri and Nick have been friends forever. They watched each other’s romances, offered shoulders to cry upon, cheered on each other’s accomplishments. So when Nick meets Terri for dinner one night and she announces that she has something to celebrate, Nick figures she scored a major client.

Or something.

Terri is celebrating, all right, because she decided she wants a baby. As luck would have it, Nick needs an heir! His grandfather proffered some silly dare to his three grandsons that they produce a kid, and Nick figures he can get his while Terri gets hers.

When they decide to get their baby the old fashioned way, their little friendship gets a whole lot cozier. And hotter. And, um, yummier.

How Terri can think she will EVER want another man after she rocks the headboard with Nick is a question best not pondered.

You may think you know where this is headed, and you’re right. It does. But along the way, you get some pretty scorching love scenes, and you will enjoy Nick and Terri, even if you want to clobber one, either or both of them on occasion. They are frustrating people, but that’s why they are meant for each other. Everyone sees it.

This is a fun, quick, fairly hot read.


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