Sharing Hailey

Sharing Hailey
Samantha Ann King
Published by Carina Press
240 pages
Available on
Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.
3 / 5 cupcakes

The cover tells you everything you need to know about this book. Except how it’s written.

Hailey is in her twenties, and, as we are told MANY times, she is very hot looking. What we are supposed to like about her is that she doesn’t know how hot she is (at one point, she’s told she is a Jennifer Aniston look-a-like). She thinks she’s ordinary.

Good for her.

When we meet her, she is on her way to Hawaii for a vacation with her brother, his pregnant wife, and her brother’s two best friends, Tony and Mark, who also are good friends of Hailey’s.

Can you guess who shares her? HINT: it isn’t her brother and his wife.

Hailey also is recovering from a break-up with her abusive ex-boyfriend Daniel. Being the approachable, just folks kind of girl she is, Hailey had no idea Daniel was abusive. Sure, he shoved her into the wall and up against a car. Sure, he left bruises. But he didn’t hit her, so he can’t be abusive, right? Wrong.

So anyway, while on the plane to Hawaii, Hailey gets some conflicting signals from Mark and Tony. She’s loved them for years but thinks they either are not interested or, worse, gay. It doesn’t matter anyway, really, because she wouldn’t choose between them if she had to do so. Well, good for her, because they don’t want her to choose, they want to share her!

The boys explain their plan to Hailey, and just to prove that it will be soooo good, they give her a little demonstration as to the fabulosity of this arrangement. Hailey decides this may be a great idea after all, so let’s do it, boys!

Of books must have conflict, and the conflict here is found in (a) Hailey’s brother, whose acceptance of her menage is feared by Hailey and her menfolk, (b) her sister-in-law’s heart condition, which poses a threat to her pregnancy, and (c) the crazy ex-boyfriend Daniel, who just might come to Hawaii to confront her. Oh, and he hates Mark and Tony.

Okay, so here’s the deal with this book. It isn’t very good. The sex scenes are hot, I’ll give it that much. I can’t imagine that it’s easy to write about threesomes, because everyone needs their shot (so to speak) at the action, and Samantha Ann King does a good job of writing those. The problem is the rest of the book. At times, King delivers a treatise on abuse, which, while certainly information we need, is not appropriate for this venue. The tension surrounding Daniel goes nowhere, and the worry over how friends and family will feel about Hailey’s unorthodox relationship is dispensed with too easily.

If you are into M/F/M threesomes and some hot lovin’, go ahead and give this a try. Just skip all of the unnecessary plot stuff.



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